My honorable viewers here you can hear and watch the great Islamic scholars speeches. And learn about our religion of Islam. These videos has collected to different ways with very difficulties only for our viewers. And these services are absolutely FREE for all humanity.We request that all our viewers will surely tell us your valuable feedback, As we pursue this task much better. Thanks for watching. 

The list of great scholars of Islam:(Just Click on any one)

S.NO: Name of Preachers: Videos
1 Shaykh-UL-Islam Dr.Allama Tahir-UL-Qadri 9
2 Dr.Allama Mufti Kokab Noorani 3
3 Allama Farooq-UL-Hssan 20
4 Allama Mufti Khan Muhammad Qadri 37
5 Allama Jafar Qureshi 46
6 Allama Raza Saqib Mustafai 65