About Dar-ul-Uloom Ghousia Rizvia:

September 4, 1983, the Dar-ul-Uloom Ghousia Rizvia was founded on a precise place. The duties of the head of the seminary Hazrat Allama Maulana Mufti Mohammad Siddique sahib, was placed in charge, Mufti Mohammad Siddique sahib since 1983 and the defense of the institution and religion of Muhammad. And now, hundreds of students benefited from this center are well on the road of life. And most of them are dedicated to the service of islam. These servants not only Pakistan but the whole world are upon interpretation of Islam’s flag.
Principal wished broad constituency of the institution so that every follower of Muhammad Arabic benefit from it. But every time there was a problem with resources. Caused by the government not to support religious institutions in this country has become a seminary. However, your first choice for this purpose an air space and help to achieve this have been working under you. After all your hard work has paid such 25/4/2012 and expansion of the Dar-ul-uloom undertaken.

Inauguration of Darul ulum reconstruction:

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